Friday, February 21, 2014

My Thoughts About Ashland

Last weekend, I visited Ashland. It was a short but very productive trip. I saw most of my friends and talked. I had SO MUCH FUN!! This was a birthday gift for myself, and I missed my friends a lot. Also, I needed a break from work and family. The busy tax season is coming up at work, so this trip will help me go through the crazy season. 

When I arrived, I realized, the town was just beautiful. 
Everything stayed the same.
Everyone welcomed me, and the place welcomed me.

I came to my old dorm and saw my room. 
No one live here anymore.
It is still the same hall and filled with memories. 

My friends' conversation picked up immediately. 

This shows our tight connections. 
Even we live apart, we still feel like we met, yesterday.
I feel blessed to have so many good friends in Ashland. 
The talks we had was just like the old times. 
My hall mates even had accidental reunion. 
I felt like I never left the city. 

Here is my thoughts: 

"Every time I go to Ashland, I feel everything will be OK.
Everything did get better; actually everything was perfect in Ashland. "

I decided that every time I want a break or relief for anything in life, I would come to Ashland to get away. 

This place gave me hope. 

This place was like heaven.
When I went school here, I received good grades, made good friends, met a lot of nice people, and gave me encouragement for the future. 
Everything I wanted was there. 
Ashland never let me down

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