Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Summer To Do List Part 1: My Favorite Ten Piano Songs

I have so much things to blog about summer because every summer I like make a "To Do List," so my summer will be interesting.  I guess I will try to do two posts each week for the next several weeks even I am busy. There are five parts in my "To Do List", so stay turned.  

The first part of my "To Do List" is: to master my favorite ten piano songs. I have been playing piano since 4th grade, and I do really enjoy it. Beginning of this summer, I went through all my music books and sheet music over the years and picked my favorite ten songs. I am planning not only completely master them, but also try to remember as much as I can, so if someone asks me to play some music, I would not have to panic. 
This was taken at my first piano recital.

My Favorite Ten Piano Songs 
1. Fur Elise
2. Turkish March
3. Minuet in G major
4. Swam Lake
5. Sonata K.545
6. The Sound of Music
7. Wedding
8. Lullaby 
9. Auld Lang Syne
10. Arabesque 

What is your summer "To Do List"?

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