Monday, July 23, 2012

My Backyard

A break from my Summer To Do List, let's look at my garden. Summer is the best time in garden because the flowers are finally blooming and fruits are in season. They are all from the hard work of my TALENTED MOTHER!!

Lilies: Aren't they beautiful!! I like them because they have many different colors. When I choose a type of flower, I always have hard time pick the color. Although my favorite color is pink, I think any color would look on flowers. In China, Lilies are common flower gift for couples because their name means happily together for 100 years in Chinese. Some boys buy lilies for their girlfriends when they propose. 

Roses: Portland is the ROSE city. There is not only an International Rose Garden, there are roses blooming everywhere on the street and people's garden. Most of my neighbors have roses in their garden, and so are we. Not. They are irresistible. 

Cherries: The best part of the summer garden is that there are delicious cherries to eat. They were hard to pick because they were high above. We planted the tree back in 2009. Back then it was very small. I was worried that whether the cherries would really going to grow or not. For the past three years. it grown rapidly. Now it is about five to six times the tree when we first planned.  
They are so YUMMY and FRESH!! Also, absolutely organic. It would cost a lot to buy organic cherries at supermarkets. They were gone fast!! Even the cherry season went quickly. I don't think we can pick this many cherries from the tree anymore. Last year was the first year, cherries had grown on the trees. The number of cherries we picked at least doubled, almost tripled from last year.
On the perfect Portland Days, I'd like to sit in the garden and have a cup of tea with my afternoon snack. My favorite afternoon snack is a piece of cake with a lot of seasonal fruit. This is HEAVEN. 

What is growing in your garden? 


  1. Your mother is a natural green thumb! I always wanted to garden, but I never had a place to try it out. But I am happy to say that the wilderness of Taiwan is my ultimate backyard!

    1. My garden has only limited space for garden, but she managed the space well. I can't garden either, I just help my mom when she need it. I am glad to hear the wilderness of Taiwan is your ultimate backyard.