Sunday, July 15, 2012

Summer To Do List Part 2: Beach

My Summer To Do List continues. The part two is Beach. If I did not get to go to the beach at least once, my summer would not be complete. A summer without going to the beach is like no tree on christmas, no firework on 4th of July, and no cake on birthday. Also I did not have chance to go to beach last summer, so I very did not want to miss the chance this year. 

Couple of weeks ago, my family went to beach for the first time this summer. Because the weather was not hot, it was not crowded. 
 I loved play in the beach since I was a little girl. 
Especially, digging holes in the sand. I enjoyed make myself dirty in the beach.

Beside digging holes, I also LOVE play in the water. Getting wet is a must every time I go to the beach. 

Even today, I still LOVE to get WET!! I guess this habit never change. 

I did some jumping couple years back, but not anymore, so I think I did grow for a little bit.

Even though the weather was not perfectly sunny (it started rain later in the afternoon), I still had a good time. I am glad that we got to the beach. I would not regret it.

Good Beach, I hope I can see you again soon, in a sunnier day. 

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