Saturday, February 2, 2013

Five Things I Learned from Tax Training

Big apologize for not posting this sooner. As the title says I had "training" last week, and it was tough. I felt super tired every day I came back. Since I was tired and stressed, I partied a lot during the weekend, and I was hesitated to update. I will be sharing lessons about filing taxes and dealing with work in general.

1. Be Organized From the Beginning: If I did not do this, I would waste a lot of time doing it all over again. Plus this could lead to headaches and pains by going back. It was important to make as less mistakes as I can. Sometimes one small error can ruin the entire return, so I have to be very careful. 

2. Cross Numbers Off As It Goes: This was important for preparing tax returns. It helps keeping track what is already filled and what is leftover.  

3. Use the Binder and Notepads: Although have been using binders and notepads since high school, NOW I finally realized how they can make my life much EASIER. Binder keeps the documents to together, so I would not get mixed up or lose anything. Notepads makes finding the necessary information quicker. They are lifesaver for preparing tax returns. 

4. Supervisors are Not Professors: It was a hard transition from having my work reviewed by a professor to a supervisor. Professor would be happy to answer my questions and correct mistakes, but supervisor might not. During the orientation, my boss said: "(my supervisor's name) is not (my professor's name)." This scared me. 

5. Ice Cream Brings People Together: There was ice cream Friday every week. It was part of the firm's tradition, and everyone loves it. We had great taking a break from tax returns and social. I learned people like ice cream regardless of their age, gender, and ethnicity. I felt ice cream can make people happy bring people together.

Some picture from the ice cream social 
Here is to THOUSANDS more tax returns to FILE!!

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