Friday, February 15, 2013

24 Things I Feel Grateful About My Life

Yes, it was my Birthday this Monday. I admit that I am 24!! I am longer in the early 20s. Welcome to middle 20s. Time if flying by. It was like yesterday when I turned 23 and posted about 23 lessons I learned for the past 23 years.
Additional I learned from this past year:
"Life is about learning lessons and being grateful for everything you have!!"
So for the everyday of rest of my life, I will constantly be improving myself and being thankful for what is around me. 

Here are the 24 greatest things in my life.

1. I have a great mother
2. I can speak three languages
3. I am able to go to school 
4. I have friends all over the world
5. I love cooking 
6. I have the body that able to exercise
7. I live in a city with wonderful nature
8. I live in the US with out worry about visa 
9. I met a lot of influential professors and advisers as I grew up
10. I got educated not only academically 
11. I have the appetite for delicious food all over the world
12. I live in the time with peace and no war 
13. I surround all the kind people
14. I get inspired and motivated by quotes 
15. I am not short nor too tall
16. I was born in era with fast growing technology
17. I get saved by music 
18. I like to smile
19. I love to hug 
20. I feel god is besides me
22. I live in the country and spices with great technology. 
23. I do not have mental or physical disadvantage
24. I do not have drinking and smoking problems

“Don't make a wish, only make it come true!!”

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  1. Great post! Welcome to your mid-20s, Xiaoxi!