Tuesday, February 11, 2014

25 Bucket List

Happy Birthday to ME!! I am turning 25 today, CRAZY, right? It is hard to believe to be quarter century old. Time moves fast, so I better putting a list of things I want to do.  
Believe it or not, we all have a "bucket list" in our lives. Some of you would not call it bucket list, but everyone has at least list of a to-do list in their lives. These are mine, some of them are very silly, and some of them might take several years of accomplishment. I hope I can achieve all.  

Traveling Related:
1. Travel to Europe to see the real historic statue 

2. Visit Japan to my childhood friends

3. Climb the Great Wall of China

4. Watch a Broadway Show

5. Go to Times Square Countdown

Academic and Career Related:
6. Have my own business

7. Attend graduate school

8. Work for international firm

9. Take a class in an Ivy school for fun

Culinary Related:
11. Learn how to pipe cupcake/cake

12. Be good at shaping sweets and dim sum

13 Make noodles and paste from scratch (start with flour)

14. Make puff pastry

Sewing Related:
15. Sew my own cloth

16. Knit a doll

Entertainment Related:
17. Set a good seat in a famous singer's concert

18. Have dinner at Portland City Grill

19. Watch sun rise from mountain

20. Able to play level 10 piano song
21. Take a family portrait at a studio 

22. Write a story book

23. Run 5K, 10K, and then half marathon

24. Wear bikinis

25. Play with ceramic wheels

I am looking forward to cross out and increase my bucket list in the near future. 

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