Friday, February 14, 2014

Single on Valentines Day?? So What!!

Happy Valentine's Day!! OR, Happy Single Awareness Day!! I know there are singles out there who hate this day. I don't know why. I mean, even you don't have a "date", there ares still PLENTY of other ways to enjoy 2/14. 

Here are some ways celebrate or not celebrate this day.

1.  Have a Single Ladies/Guys Night Out: I believe having a this kind of night out is as much as fun as going to a date. Sometimes it is even more exciting. A formal date can be stressful. A fun night would be casual and relaxing.

2. Spend Time With Family and Friends and Give Love to Them: Valentine's Day is about all giving love. You can only give romantic love to one person; however, other love. Valentine's Day Write a Valentine's card and/or give treats and flowers to people you respect is also a great way to honor Valentine's Day. 

3. Use This Day As a Chance to Make a Move: The main problem with people stay single is that they are so afraid of make the move. Making the move is NOT that difficult. Couple valentines ago, I did ask a guy for lunch on Valentine's Day. I was nervous at first; however, I glad that he said "Yes." Even though we did not go beyond "just lunch," I still felt great I did make the move. 

4. Excuse to Eat Candies, Buy Flowers, and/or Watch Chick-Flicks Etc: All ladies can use this day to indulge yourself. This might be beneficial for single ladies. There are guys don't like candies, flowers, and/or chick-flicks etc. Girls might feel bad for those guys by pushing them to buy a flowers and candies and forcing them to watch chick-flicks. 

5. Don't Care All, Just Think Like ANY Another Day: Trust me, there ARE people who doesn't care about Valentine's AT ALL. 
To those haters: if you don't like it, just ignore it, please don't hate it. 

My Valentine's Day Plan This Year
I would treat Valentine's Day like an ordinary day. I will let my family and friends know how much I love and they mean to me. I made heart shaped cookies with chocolates and chocolate covered strawberries, then give some of them out and eat the rest to myself. 
Lastly I'd like to leave my reader with this thought: people should have nice heart to honor this day. No one should hate this day. This day is all about LOVE. It is not about compare yourself with others about whether have a date or not. It is about giving and caring. When you enjoying your date or whatever plans you have for tonight, please remember to give more love to your lover, family and friends. As long as you have love in your heart, you will be happy forever. 

Happy LOVE Day!! 

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